I am a third-year M.Phil. student in the Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence at Fudan University, advised by Dr. Weiyang Ding.

My research interests include machine learning and optimization, with an emphasis on understanding the behavior of neural networks with scientific insight. From a theoretical perspective, I aim to understand the generalization performance of neural networks through the lens of over-parameterization. On the practical side, I hope to construct efficient, robust, and physically constrained network models to advance the field of AI for Science.

Before becoming a M.Phil. student at FDU, I obtained my B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Lanzhou University in 2020.


  • (2020-2023) M.Phil., Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Fudan University
  • (2016-2020) B.Sc., School of Mathematics and Statistics, Lanzhou University


Weiyang Ding and Jie Li. Higher order extended dynamic mode decomposition based on the structured total least squares. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 45(2), A985–A1011, 2023.